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Post-Disaster FAQs

Q1.   My home was destroyed in the Fultondale tornado on January 25, 2021, and all my important documents were lost. How can I get another social security card?
A.     Call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 or go online at ssa.gov.

Q2.   My driver’s license was lost during the tornado, how do I get a replacement?
A.     Call the Department of Motor Vehicles in Gardendale at 205-909-3610 or Department of Motor Vehicles on Bankhead Highway Birmingham 205-252-7445.

Q3.   Where can I get information about my property such as a property deed?
A.     Go to the Jefferson County Probate Court in the “Land Records” area.

Q4.   Since our home was damaged in the tornado and it is not habitable, are we expected to continue to pay the mortgage
A.     If you have the mortgage document read it to determine whether you have mortgage insurance and contact your mortgage company to discuss your situation. If you do not have the mortgage document, contact your mortgage company to discuss your situation.

Q5.   Will our homeowners insurance replace our home?
A.     It depends on the type of coverage you had on your home. Contact you homeowner’s insurance agent to discuss the details of your homeowners’ coverage.

Q6.   Who can we contact for temporary housing if we did not have homeowners’ insurance?
A.     Contact American Red Cross at (205) 439-7800.

Q7.   My parents left me and my sister and brother their home and it was destroyed in the tornado; how can I find out whether one or all of us (my sister, brother, and me) own the property.
A.     Talk to a lawyer locally or call the Legal Aide Services at (205) 251-3516.

The Q&As above were provided by The Law Offices of Derry R. Johnson, LLC. Visit them online: www.drjlaw.net

Q8.  What should I do when power goes out after a storm?
A.    Contact the power company first, then the Inspections department in case there is a need for an inspection. Call the Fultondale Inspections department at 205-841-8306. 

Q9.  Should I get someone to clear my property immediately?
A.    No.  The EMA must make an assessment of the entire devastation for the city to get federal funding assistance first.

Q10.  Should I allow any contractor who comes to my property to cut down trees or perform other work?
A.      No.  First ask them for their business license from the City of Fultondale, then call 205-841-8306 to verify.  Never sign a contract agreement with anyone until you first know they are qualified, and carry proper licensing with the city and state.

Q11.  What happens to my mail when the mailbox is blown away? 
A.      Contact the post office to hold your mail and/or get a P.O. Box temporarily. 

The Q&As above were provided by The City of Fultondale Inspections Department. Visit www.cityoffultondale.com/inspections or call 205-841-8306.

Q12.  What should and should not go inside a safe deposit box?

A.      The most common items people store in their safety deposit boxes include:

  • Family Documents (birth certificates, marriage licenses, passports)
  • Property Deeds and Titles
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Insurance Policies and an Inventory of Personal Possessions
  • Personal and Business Contracts
  • Financial Documents (stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit)
  • Miscellaneous Valuables (jewelry, antiques, collectibles, family heirlooms)

While nearly anything of value can be stored in a safety deposit box, there are some things that probably should not go in. Chief among these are any important legal documents that you, or your family, might need to access in an emergency. For example, a will or power of attorney should be left in the care of your lawyer. In the event of an accident, or sudden death, your dependents will need to retrieve these documents in a timely manner, and that may not be possible if they are locked away in a bank vault. Particularly if you are the only key holder. IBERIABANK offers Safe Deposit Boxes to clients of the bank. The rent per year ranges from $35.00 for our smallest box to $100.00 for our largest box.

Q13.   How do I replace lost items
A.      To get Birth Certificates visit the Alabama Department of Public Health

The Alabama Center for Health Statistics began filing birth certificates in 1908 for persons born in Alabama. By Alabama law, birth certificates are confidential records with restricted access for 125 years from the date of birth. They may be obtained by the following persons, upon payment of the proper fee:

  • Person named on the certificate
  • Mother, father, or legal guardian
  • Husband or wife of person named on certificate
  • Son or daughter of person named on certificate
  • Sister or brother of person named on certificate
  • Legal representative of an authorized person

You can also visit the Jefferson County Department of Public Health. The Vital Records department is operating as normal. You may attain a vital record Monday – Friday at the Guy M. Tate location (1400 Sixth Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233). Call 205-930-1106 for more information.

Drivers License
Renewals or replacements for lost licenses may be processed at any of the Jefferson County Revenue Department locations. You can also visit https://www.alea.gov/dps/driver-license/document-requirements-and-fees for more information.

Car Title
Contact the Jefferson County Department of Revenue for information. The Northern Satellite office (Gardendale) can be reached at (205) 909-3610. You can also apply for a replacement title online (https://revenue.alabama.gov/motor-vehicle/title-information/).

The Q&As above were provided by IBERIABANK in Fultondale. Visit 1301 Decatur Highway or call (205) 849-5481.




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